Saturday, July 27, 2019

The National Fire Academy and CDP Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The National Fire Academy and CDP - Essay Example The institution also encompasses training programs that aid FEMA and DHS in prevention, mitigation and preparedness for fire and other emergency services (Giustina, 2014). Other institutions are incapacitated to offer such services, owing to their costs and audience inabilities. Individuals with substantial involvement in fire and prevention and control, emergency medical services, and other fire management-related courses are qualified to apply for various courses within the institution. Firefighting career is a tough profession, and individuals need to sacrifice themselves in order to fit in this challenging career. Initially, individuals could such climb careers through training and experience. However, as the world improves in aspects such as technology and other fields, individuals in the fire fighting profession ought to better their knowledge through rigorous training programs. Most individuals currently advance to degree levels of education. National Fire Academy offers management-training programs and they ought to select eligible candidates for such professions carefully. The institution should select individuals that have completed the basic training program for fire and other related emergencies’ preparedness, prevention and response. This will enhance improving their knowledge on fire and disaster management, hence placing them in a better position for response in case of fire and other related disasters (Giustina, 2014). Additionally, these individuals will have background information of their training prior to the management training. The Center for Domestic Preparedness is another institute under FEMA, tasked with the responsibility of training individuals for preparedness and response to disasters that result from weapons of mass destruction, (WDM) ( Burke, 2006). The institute offers its training through

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