Friday, July 19, 2019

Essay --

A camp focused on not only torture but death. something so permanent, so final. thousands of prisoners thrown in this camp every day just to be killed (about 800,000). With no rhyme or reason, besides the thought of the jews being completely worthless and not even deserving of living on this earth and breathing the air. The logic in this time is completely lost, they jews were treated no better than dirt under the guards shoes. On a list of the nine worst concentration camps Treblinka is the second. ( the first being the worst.) This camp in particular has gas chambers made to look like showers. even including shower faucets and tile.With pipes running across the ceiling which of course was designed to appear as pipes for the water when in reality the pipes were filled with carbon monoxide gas ( a deadly gas). When the prisoners piled in they were gassed to death.The guards often referred to the tunnels to the chambers as â€Å" the road to heaven†. The other prisoners were sometimes just machine gunned or even â€Å"spilled onto the railroad platform† Bodies were often thrown into huge ditches located east of the chambers. Containing nothing but filthy, scrawny, and hopeless bodies. Five thousand to seven thousand Jews arrived each day increases to about 12,000 a day, though thousands were dead on arrival. This camp was the the last camp whose sole purpose was â€Å"extermination†. It was only fifty miles from the large city of warsaw, which blows my mind that people will still fully confidently try to convince people that the camps never happened. It became known as Treblinka I when the death camp, Treblinka II, was built. The camp was laid out in an irregular rectangle, 400 m by 600 m, surrounded by barbed wire and anti- tank spanish hors... ...revolt took place, approximately two hundred managed to break out. Only sixty of those who escaped were alive at the end of the war to tell the world about the horrors of the awful, terrific camp called Treblinka. When this final gassing was completed, the camp area was ploughed over and trees were planted. The camp was turned into a farm, a guard then settled with his family to protect the crime scene. Perhaps because people were very interested in the rumors they were hearing about what the germans had been conducting in this camp. I would find it hard to believe too, in order to take in all the cold hard facts I also would want to see it with my own eyes. It was because of all the other people who also felt this way that the retired guard felt obligated to â€Å"protect and or guard† the historical area of land where the unforgettable and unbelievable took place.

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