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Space Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Space Analysis - Essay Example Here, most of the people are unknown to each other and they are related on the basis of their category (Minton, 2012). The case study here is based on Sulzer-Areal in Winterthur, Switzerland. The main focus of the study is to understand how the free area meant for iron and steel factory complex has been converted into public space (King, 2011). The old industrial area of Sulzer-Areal (Fig 1) is located in the center of Winterthur, Switzerland. In the year 1834, it was first built by the Sulzer brothers and the area is spread over twenty hectares till Zurich road and railway. The industrial area reflects the golden days of mechanical engineering in Switzerland. In 1980, a law was passed to expel the heavy industries out of the main city area of Winterthur and from then on, lots of suggestion has been proposed for Sulzer-Areal. The place was much into a state of transition from 1990 and in 1992, the idea of complete demolition of the area was rejected. The owner of the space, Sulzer Immobilien AG group, proposed a very high budget and international project called the ‘Megalou’ for the complete restructuring of Sulzer-Areal (King, 2011). But due to recession, the entire project lost its luster and was left with no tenants and investors. The situation demanded a rethinking, as the operation of the space was not possible because of the huge investment required. So, it was decided to make some superficial changes in the existing buildings and convert it into a public space that will help to rebuild the area in the future. The industrial buildings were slowly transformed into districts. Now the area is a mix of educational institutes, residential complexes, workplaces and leisure. Thus, the area now has a whole new and exciting charm as a public space (King, 2011). The entire study of the Sulzer-Areal case study has been done by keeping in focus certain points that will help the reader understand how the entire

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