Saturday, October 12, 2019

Proving Yourself to the World and to Others. :: Essays Papers

Proving Yourself to the World and to Others. In the world today, people are faced with having to prove themselves to others. They are stuck knowing that by their flaws and mistakes, the world is just ready to put them on a shelf just like everyone else. In the book,â€Å"The Pact,† three best friends, Sampson Davis, George Jenkins and Rameck Hunt, strive to prove to the world and to their families that they can break away from the statistics, of turning to dugs and never making anything out of their lives, that could be set out to haunt them. That is just what my good friend; Carrie would have to face during her high school year. I met Carrie my junior year of high school. We did not become friends instantly but gradually over time we started to talk. I was friends with her boyfriend at the time and always was there to talk to him and help him during lunch with any situation that would come up. He always came to talk to me about what was happening in his relationship with Carrie. I tried to give him as much advice as possible without knowing who Carrie was. There was one instant where Carrie was supposable pregnant but would later find out it was a false alarm. They were on and off half of the year, but something would change everything. Carrie became pregnant half way through her sophomore year. At that time, I started to talk to Carrie. We were starting to become best friends and I realized that with all the problems she was going through with her boyfriend and her pregnancy, all I could do was help her with any problem she may face like falling behind in school or with her boyfriend. It was hard on her because here she was still in high school and she was about to become a mother. Her boyfriend was never there for her during this important time and I let him know about it during lunch. All I ever heard from them was arguments and breakups. They never could decide what they wanted. After countless arguments, Carrie got annoyed and ended the relationship. She would not consider adoption and was against abortion. To her, it would be hard to give up a child and never see the child’s first walk, or hear the first words. So to her the only good choice was to have the baby and care for it.

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