Friday, October 18, 2019

Assessment Of My Leadership Styles Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Assessment Of My Leadership Styles - Coursework Example Evidently, I am a worthwhile leader who has been helping my organization to grow. Such leadership styles have been attainable mainly because of my admirable leadership qualities such as confidence, cooperation, commitment, tolerance, creativity, accountability, and honesty. These are traits which if nurtured, can make me be a great leader in future. However, for me to achieve much, I need to undertake a lot of training on communication and critical thinking skills. These can be of great importance because they can enable me to develop effective interpersonal communication skills which are necessary for creating healthier interpersonal relations with everyone around me. Besides, it would make me be a model leader whose traits should be emulated. In conclusion, I would like to agree with the assertion that leadership is innate. However, everyone should go ahead to learn good leadership strategies and nurture them. Having known exactly what I want, I have become a conscious leader who i s very concerned about the welfare and prosperity of my workers. With democratic, laissez-faire and transactional leadership styles, I have a long way too. However, I need to acquire the necessary training that can help me to have a self-awareness, identify my weaknesses and make the necessary improvements. Even before filing the inventory, I knew that I am a transactional leader. Since I assumed power, I have been keen on the performance of my juniors. Anyone who demonstrates exemplary performance has been offered contingent rewards.

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