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Network Systems and Technology Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

network Systems and Technology - Coursework ExampleOur IT strategy executes by defining the analysis situs of the network. The topology forget define the structure of the entire network along with preferred cable to be used. Secondly, hardware specification of all departmental workstations and allow be carried out along with the cost . After defining the specification, we will address network devices along with switch and router deployment. Moreover, we will define all the associated servers that will play a vital role in synchronizing information with remote offices in this scenario. Furthermore, a proposed network diagram will be correspond for each site i.e. site 1 and site 2. Sub netting will play a dominant role in breaking lot global IP addresses into local IP addresses for each node on the network. For the WAN architecture, we will discuss the technologies, protocols and services that will be used for connecting these sites together. Moreover, for maintaining and monito r the network, we will discuss network security features that will be implemented in this proposed network. The RADIUS access server will provide synchronization of data between both sites operating on a Virtual Private Network. In addition, Domain name Service will also be discussed. ledger entry Organizations associated with health care needs to acquire up to date technological trends in delivering patient care at the optimal level. Medical information systems authentic for supporting health care, facilitate organizations to align with best practices and quality and to make these health organizations successful in the market. However, acquiring and maintaining computer networks can be a difficult task along with its alignment with the goals and objectives of the organization. Moreover, along with the alignment with organizational objectives, involvement of all stakeholders in the implementation of a network is vital for intellect the purpose and benefits. Likewise, customizatio n of network design is a requirement for supporting organizational goals and objectives, which can be a complex task. 1Network Architecture 1.1Topology We will apply trail topology, as the network design will follow a centralized server / client architecture. Star topology will provide centralized arrangement and configuration of all the nodes on the network. Moreover, star topology initiates low broadcasts on the network, consequently, consuming low bandwidth and at the same time making the network capacity on optimal levels. 1.2 Workstations The minimum hardware specification of the workstations that will be installed in the current scenario are System Specification Processor Intel Dual result E5400 2.7GHZ (2MB cache 800MHZ FSB) Motherboard Intel DG41RQ (LGA775-SND+AGP+GIGA LAN-800MHZ FSB) Memory 1GB DDRII (800 Bus) Hard drive 320GB 3.5 SATA-II 7200RPM Optical drive DVD Drive 16 X Chassis Thermal HT Support 1.3 Network devices Network devices are the objects for any network. The network functionality relies on the network devices .The dependability of the network

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