Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Labour rights for illegal immigrants Research Paper

Labour rights for illegal immigrants - Research Paper ExampleThey are forced to work with unscrupulous employers for pittance, denied all benefits and allowances, including holidays and overtime pay, and do to live in constant and morbid fear of being caught and deported back to their countries of origin. Since they are marginalized and without support, they are often exploited by employers who use them as twopenny laborers with little reward for their hard and arduous labor. Research Hypothesis This paper will focus on the increase number of immigrants that are specifically advance into the joined States and the roles they play both the positive and negative aspects of life in this country as well as to the significant reasons why they need to be supported by the essential people here. Introduction The US has always been a land of great opportunities for people coming from other underdeveloped countries of the world. Thousands of immigrants plunk into the US in order to seek a better deal for themselves and their families and to get rid off poverty back home. Individuals generally choose to emigrate to countries that are to a greater extent technologically advanced, fork out greater resources and offer more opportunities (Illegal Immigration 2010). But there are several risks and challenges involved. They think that entry into the United States is an end to all their poverty and misery and the start of a new and happy life for them as well as their families. However, the reality is just the opposite, as soon they start to realize that their problems have just begun, in terms of challenging work situations, risks of getting caught and deported and being marginalized in all walks of life when compared with native inhabitants. But the truth of the matter is that over Americas eventful history, the contribution of immigrants in this country has been immense. Most of the people who inhabit the United States have been immigrants at one time or the other, and i t is only the North American Indians who could truly and justly call themselves the original inhabitants of this country. All others are immigrants who were lucky to elaboration immigration status over the course of time. It is believed that there are at least 10 million illegal Immigrants in the United States and their figures are increasing with each passing day. They are mostly employed in works, which require little education and less efficient skill sets. Illegal immigrants make up a significant portion of the workforce in key industries. 1.4 million are employed in leisure and hospitality with another 1.7 million in construction and 1.0 million in manufacturing. In addition undocumented worker make up 25% of the total workforce in farming (Legalization Has umpteen Perceived Benefits 2010). It has accommodated an expanding labor supply that today includes 1.5 million immigrants per year whose spending on housing and consumer goods helps stimulate the economy and increase the demand for still more labor (Immigration impact on U.S. economy 2010). However, in true fairness to the immigrants, it should be said that they are contributing a lot to the economic reading and progress of this nation, in all major areas of business, commerce and trade. Illegal immigration into the United States is a highly profitable proposition for both employers and the U.S. government, and it also benefits Mexico, which

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