Thursday, February 6, 2020

Midterm Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Midterm - Essay Example It also presents that people tend to believe in things that they do not really understand. In the movie, Chance seems to give out gardening metaphors relating to economic situation and forecasts. Gardening and television is the only world that Chance knows and so he makes remarks referring to the garden but what he means is really about the garden not economics but the people interpreted it in a different way finding him queer. The movie presents American politics as devious and devoid of credibility to lead the country. This clearly shows how Ashby believes that American politics and the government, at that, is not real but something that is created by the rich and famous people manipulating and dominating our society. 2. In William Golding’s novel "The Lord of the Flies", is the Problem of Evil due primarily to a flaw in human nature or to cultural forces that have shaped the boys’ attitudes and behavior? Support your opinion with specific details from the book. Golding presents evil as an intrinsic nature of human beings that even innocent boys living in an uninhibited island are stained by it. Cruelty is shown as an indication of this evil and this is presented in the scene wherein the boys started hunting pigs. The desire of man for power is overpowering that it even the children, seen in the event of Jack’s jealousy with Ralph’s leadership. Golding also presents evil as something alive in each human being seeking to come out and be recognized and utilized. This can be seen in the urge that the children in the story feel to inflict pain. This can be particularly seen during the time that Roger threw rocks at the kids reasoning out that he is not really aiming at them. This can also be seen when the biguns were bullying the lilluns, kicking their sandcastle. And after the pain comes the rush of joy. Like at the time when they were hunting and killing the pig, the choirboys were overjoyed that they even had a ritual dance.

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