Saturday, August 10, 2019

Why Is Teen Pregnancy So High Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Why Is Teen Pregnancy So High - Essay Example Many young girls grow up unaware of the dangers that may await them in the outside world. In order to be fully prepared for what may come in their teenage years, young girls need to be taught the dangers and consequences of teenage pregnancy. If this knowledge is obtained before an opportunity arises, then there is less of a chance of pregnancy occurring. Some people would say that talking about subjects such as sex only increases its frequency, yet most international studies show that teen pregnancy rates decrease in conjunction with proper teaching. Even if a girl is unable to avoid a situation, she may be able to make herself safer due to her knowledge about the issue. Another reason why teenage pregnancy rates can be so high is because of poor parenting. Education starts in the home, and as such, parents should take responsibility for their kids. Many children live in single-parent homes, which can be tough, yet there is no excuse for not properly forewarning someone of the effects of teenage pregnancy. As parents are the closest people to a young child, they are more likely to be listening to because of the influence they hold over their children. A parent who is a good role model will affect the way their kids think over certain issues, one of which is teenage pregnancy. Finally, perhaps the most significant cause of teenage pregnancy is peer pressure. Young people are always so concerned with what their friends or peers are saying about them. This is a stage in someone’s life where parents do not have the same hold over them. Friends influence the decisions and feelings of most teenagers because no one wants to look out of place. Even if someone’s peers are not encouraging someone to make a bad choice, it may be that the person feels like their friends do.

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